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Tographer Tuesday: Camera Series-Difference Between a DSLR and a Snap and Shoot Camera

Many people want to know why is it that when I take a photo on my digital camera it does not look anything like when a professional takes the same picture with their DSLR.  Well the reason is because the cameras are very different and work completely different. The snap and shoot camera works in a simple way.  It has a lens that may or may not zoom in and out and a sensor.  What you see is what you get.  For most cameras the camera makes all of the decisions for you and takes the picture and the user just has to push a button. One of the major difference beyond the price and the size of the camera is that a DSLR is customizable and the photographer has to make the decisions before taking the picture.  A DSLR is made up of several layers of glass and mirrors and even a prism to create those amazing photographs. The DSLR also has adjustable lens which are made of different types, sizes, and layers of glass.  Then another huge difference that will be on the blog over the next several weeks is the design of the camera.  You can choose the amount of light let in, how fast the photograph is taken, how clear you want the photograph, what you want in focus, how far out you want in focus.  All of these things is what makes the photographs of a DSLR look amazingly better! On the blog next week we will start go more in depth into how a DSLR works.

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