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Tographer Tuesday: Camera Series-How to use a DSLR Part 2

Last week we talked about all of the different components of a camera and the different settings to use or think about. Today we are going to get more in depth on how to use your camera and even show examples and tell you what the settings are for the image.

For example you want to take a photograph of a bride on a sunny day and you want to focus on the bride and blur the background. Using your light meter set your aperture between 1.8 and 2.2 then set your ISO to 100 and then using your light meter adjust your shutter speed till you see O for your light meter. Then decide what should be in focus (brides face and eyes) then click the shutter release button and take the photograph.

For example if you are photographing mountains and it is sunny then you should set your ISO to 100, your aperture or f/stop to between 22-32 and then adjust your shutter speed as needed depending on your light meter.

In the end photography and using your camera is all about composition, light, and movement.

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