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Tographer Tuesday: Camera Series-Shutter Speed Part 1

Many people out there own a DSLR but don’t know how to use it.  They take all of their photographs using the automatic feature on the camera instead of really learning how to use it.  Well this week starts a series of many blog post on how to use your camera and what everything is in your camera and how it works together to create those amazing photographs. This week we will talk about what shutter speed is and next week we will talk more in depth about shutter speed and settings. In film cameras the shutter is what blocked the film from the light coming into the camera and exposing the film with the picture.  Now in days the shutter blocks the sensor from the light coming into the camera. The shutter is basically a curtain that either moves up and down or side to side depending on your camera.  How fast the shutter moves depends on how you set it in the camera.  The faster the shutter moves the less light that will be allowed to touch the sensor or film and the slower the shutter moves the more light that will be allowed to touch the sensor or film. Shutter speed not only controls light but it also controls what the subjects will look like when you are photographing them and if they will be sharp or blurry.  If you are taking photographs of sports then you are going to need to use a higher shutter speed because you are going to want to get crisp sharp images.  If you want to take a photograph of a waterfall and have the water blurred or car whizzing by in the street have have them blurred then the slower shutter speed is what you need. Next week we will get more in depth on shutter speed.

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