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Tographer Tuesday: Equipment Series-The Little Things

In addition to the typical equipment like lens, cameras, flashes, etc. there are little things that are must haves as you shoot weddings and events.  Here are my favorite things and must haves when I shoot weddings.

ThinkTank Memory card holder:

This thing is perfect!  I always have it around my wrist when I shoot weddings.  It fits a bunch of memory cards which is perfect for photography or videography, has a pocket on the back for business cards and fits right around you wrist.  If you don’t have one I highly recommend getting one!

Point and Shoot Camera bag:

You will almost always find one of these attached to my belt loop. They are small so they don’t get in the way but even better they fit 3 camera batteries and 4 rechargeable AA batteries for fast access when my camera or flash batteries get low.

Air blower:

This thing is amazing for removing dust or dirt that might get on the lens.  Simply squeeze it and let it work.

Dust Removing Pen and Brush:

These little things are amazing! You simply slide up and there is a brush and then on the other side you can uncap it and there is a glass polishing pad. This pen takes the dust off and smudges from your glass while lowering static and keeping some future dust off too. Even better it fits in any camera bag and is quick and easy to use!

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