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Tographer Tuesday: New Gear!

A couple weeks ago a local photo store was going out of business which was quite bittersweet. It’s sad to see stores like these lose business to online retailers and reviews. The people who work at specific camera stores are experts who know the technical specs inside and out and allow us to easily rent and test out equipment before emptying out the bank.  On the sweet side, it meant a great deal for me! For the past few months I’ve been drooling and debating when to get the Nikon D600. While it’s not a NEW camera (released fall of 2012) and this particular one had been rented out but it has all I’m looking for. Full frame, twice the megapixel of my previous DSLR, and nearly half the price of similar models on the market. I drove through some crazy weather for April (sleet and snow!!) to get to the store as soon as I could. I asked what full frame cameras they had. I was a bit disappointed when they were only the TOP of the line, $4,000 and up! Turns out they had the one I’d been wanting the d600 but another man was looking at it.  I was so close, if only I had shown up a few minutes earlier…. I patiently waited, or more truthfully awkwardly pretended to look at other lighting equipment while he was talking with a salesperson. As luck would have it he wasn’t interested! I ran over and swiped it up 🙂 It was just meant to be! While a lot of our gear is Canon based, I’ve always preferred Nikon. Probably because I started with a Nikon film camera and a HUGE bonus to the D600 is I can use my old film lens 24-85mm 2.8 – 4. Not only does the lens simply fit but I can autofocus with it as well just like a newer lens!  What’s your preference? Nikon, Canon, another brand? ~Kim

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