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Last week I mentioned a new project I’ll be taking on for exactly one year, a 365 project, in which I snap a picture everyday (probably more) on whatever I have with me. It might be my phone, computer webcam, or DSLR but it isn’t the quality I’m necessarily interested in; It is simply a personal assignment I’ve given myself to document life right after college and serve as a visual diary, as well as a way to keep my creative eye sharp. 

I started (oh-so-appropriately) on my convocation date, 5/17/13 and have been taking pictures each day since. The images are pretty random thus far, a camping tent, ceiling, water droplets on the windshield… but I would like to gain a newfound editing or shooting style by the end of it 🙂 I hope you enjoy what I have so far! 

First Day! 5.17.13







Check back next week for more! 


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