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The changing of life

As you all know life as we know it has changed. Just over 3 weeks ago we knew about this awful thing being called COVID-19 that was causing countries to close, people to get sick, and then death. It was the topic of most conversations all around the office and it was being covered on the news along with election results. However, it still was not a reality to most. Fast forward a little over 3 weeks and life as we know it is so different. Almost the entire world is on lock down and everyone is supposed to stay home. Millions have lost their jobs, non-essential businesses have closed, weddings have been cancelled, eating out with friends is a thing of the past, and just doing anything normal is now gone. To go to the store to buy food you have to cover your face, wear gloves, and stand 6 feet apart. The world has changed.

Now the news is consistently covering how the US is not prepared and how hospitals and states are running out of PPE and ventilators. On the other hand you hear about how people are making masks for front line workers (medical professionals, grocery store workers, etc.) which shows how we are on in this together.

As for me personally, this week starts week number 4 of teleworking at my full-time position. It's strange to get up and not go into the office but staying home keeps me and others healthy. I have had to go to the grocery store and its such a different experience now. On another note I have been able to put more time into my business and into crafts.

I have also had the time to spend more time with family, my dogs, and my bunnies. I think at the end of this my pets are going to freak out when I leave the house. Just to go to the grocery store my dog cried and cried and cried which is so sad to hear and see! So that's my life under COVID-19. Whats your life like? Have you tried anything new?

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