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Meet Us Monday

Hi! Hola! Namaste!

Now I can fluently speak only two of the languages above, but I’m very familiar with the third one. Care to guess which one? 

I was born in Venezuela, grew up in the US, and now, I’m soon to marry someone from India. Yes, I like to keep it interesting with all these cultures coming together in my life. I love being so diverse and feel lucky to be part of multiple cultural backgrounds. This also comes as a great advantage as a wedding planner, because I can enjoy a Catholic Ceremony just as much as a Mehndi. Now, I’m about to take my immersion one step further by marrying my Indian prince very soon. 

Our relationship has been a roller coaster of new experiencesfrom the beginning. But by far, the most interesting thing that’s happened to us is being featured in a Washington Post article. We were approached by a Washington Posts journalist, out of the blue, asking us if she can write about our relationship. Why you ask? Because of how different our backgrounds are. You are welcomed to read all about it here (

Now you know a little more about what makes me, me!

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