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Fit and Fab Friday: Consistency

Hello all, 

While this may not come as a surprise to many of you the key to long-term weight loss is consistency. That means consistent ways of eating, (not dieting which implies an end date) consistent exercise and other healthy habits like regular sleep patterns. 

Stay away from the yo-yo dieting or any program that consists of a countdown or finish line. Everyone has a different way of approaching beginning, while some seem to do best going “cold turkey” for others it may be better to start slowly and when it is no longer a challenge, adding something new or going at a faster pace. 

Keep in mind consistency and doing the same thing everyday. if you’re having the exact same meals and doing the exact same workout routine your body will adapt only to those particular aspects. You must also add variety in things to eat and ways to exercise, in order to break routine and give your body new challenges. 

Stay fabulous my friends! 

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