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Meet us Monday-Heather

Today’s Meet us Monday is going to be a post where I share with you my life right now.

For those that don’t know I will be celebrating by birthday on Thursday, October 16thand I will be turning 28. When I was in college I always told myself that I would be married, have my own house, and maybe even have kids all before I turn 28. I never thought that it would be here so fast but it is. What have I accomplished in my goals that I set when I was in college you ask….nothing! I am turning 28 this week and I am not married or even engaged, do not have my own place, and definitely do not have kids unless you count my adorable black lab mix named LeighLee. Coming into 2014 I set many goals for myself knowing that 28 was right around the corner and even many of those goals have yet to be met however 2014 is not over yet.

So you may ask what is this blog post is really about? Well today I am starting a new me inside and out. I want to improve myself physically by eating cleaner, exercising more, and I really want to run the Nike Women’s half marathon in 2015. I want to improve myself financially by eliminating all of my debt so that I can possibly buy my own house soon. I want to become independent so that I can live my own life without tons of demands from others. I want to gain knowledge and start to study and take my CPA, CFE, and SPHR exams. I want to take PhotoPlanning Services to a new level by blogging more, improving my photography skills, and maybe becoming published. Lastly, I want to live life to the fullest by traveling more, exploring new things, and even by finding love.

I don’t know when I will reach the goals I set in college but I do know that if I work hard I can meet the other goals that I am starting today and all of the other goals will happen when they happen.

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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