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Meet us Monday: Kim

Meet Roxy the Rescue!

A couple months after moving out, my room mates and I started wanting some company around the house. I was used to having a dog to come home to, so being in a house with a large yard and no pet just felt empty. After getting approval, we searched for dogs on petfinder and had taken a liking to one named Emerald.

She is a mutt rescue from Lost Dog Rescue. She and many other pups in the litter came to them from West Virginia where the mom was tied up and the puppies were just left outside. I cannot thank the people in this organization enough for saving her and the rest of the large litter.

Yes, she has a jacket to keep her warm.

We have had her since she was just ten weeks and really have little to no clue what she is, we were told some sort of beagle terrier mix but who cares – cute is cute, right?! She is extremely sweet, loves people and other dogs even more, VERY playful and energetic. I just adore her and encourage everyone who is looking for a dog or cat to check out your local rescue foundation 🙂 


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