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Meet us Monday: Neda + Her Love Affair With Virginia Wine

October is VA Wine Month! If you live in Virginia and haven’t heard of VA wines then shame on you! Local wineries are everywhere (literally everywhere) starting at about a pleasant 45-minute weekend drive outside of  D.C. The beauty of this is that there are such a varities of styles, themes and sizes you could never get bored. That and there are literally so many of them it would take to a lifetime to visit them all. I could talk about wine forever so just to keep it simple, here are my tips for the perfect day of wine tasting:

– Pick 2-3 wineries to visit. If you’re going to make the hour drive then it might be worth spending the day winery-hopping …whether you hit them all or not is another story.

– Choose your friends wisely! There’s limited car space and counter space so small groups are usually best. Occasionally wineries also charge for private tastings for large groups. 

– ALWAYS pack water and a picnic lunch. Drinking gives you the munchies. While most wineries have some sort of snacks for sale they are not filling or… sobering… and almost all allow outside food.

– Research your locations ahead of time. Most VA wineries are open year round but times can vary especially during the week.

– Pick locations near eachother and print a map ahead of time. Cell and GPS service are iffy out in the mountains. (Bonus from experience: turn off your phone while there or it will drain your battery)

– Check for discounts. Some run daily deals (groupons, living socials, etc) that can make your trip extra special not to mention special events (live music, games, festivals, etc)!

– Most importantly, be safe! Plan ahead who is going to drive and either share your wine tastings with them or make sure he/she is is sharing their wine tastings with you!

Last weekend some friends and I enjoyed an incredibly fun day at my favorite, Cobbler Mountain Cellars! They opened a new tasting room this year so we had to stop by and check it out. Not only do they have a great selection of wines, they also have unique ciders to taste as well. If you get a chance I highly recommend you check them out!

At Cobbler Mountain Cellars – photograph NOT taken by PPS team

How do you plan on celebrating October VA Wine Month?

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