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Spring cleaning and a neat find.

As with many since it is spring I have been going through many things and either throwing lots away or donating some of the items.

For years I have been just taking my old school papers and boxing them up and putting them in the basement.  Well it was time to go through them and almost all of the papers were thrown out but there were a few that were kept.  This is something I wrote back in 2003 when I was a sophomore in high school and I thought is was super cute! Its a poem about dogs.


They are considered the best

and are glamorous in the west.

They smile so cute and sweet

as they prance on all four feet.

Most people have one or two

and they depend primarily on you.

They are known as man’s best friend

and they’re there for you till the end.

They cuddle up to you whenever they can

plus they love to sleep under the fan.

They help us in several ways

but most of all they love to lay.

They are brown, black, white, and tan

with wagging tails that sway.

Even though they are a big cost

without dogs we would be lost.

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